Here in Jacksonville we work hard and play hard. At the end of the day everyone wants to come home to a relaxing atmosphere. At
we understand that the rigors of the everyday can be wearing. We are here to make sure that the community where you live is not just your
it is your
  1. Jacksonville Memorial Park Riverside
  2. Everbank Field
  3. Jacksonville Skyline
  4. Jacksonville Skyline
  5. Three Lions Fountain at San Marco Square
  6. Outdoor Shopping
  7. Hannah Park Katheryn Abbey
  8. Jacksonville Beaches
  9. Jacksonville Beaches Sunset
  10. The Jacksonville Landing
  11. The Jacksonville Landing
  12. Beach Chairs at sunset
  13. Jacksonville Night Skyline
  14. Beautiful Neighborhood House
  15. Beautiful Neighborhood House
  16. Beautiful Neighborhood House
  17. Beautiful condo with a view
  18. Beautiful condo with a view
  19. Beautiful condo with a view
  20. Beautiful Neighborhood House
  21. Beautiful Neighborhood House
  22. Beautiful condo with a view
  23. Beautiful Neighborhood House

We offer only the highest level of professional service any time of day or night including:

  •  Association Management
  • Association Governance
  • Association Record Maintenance
  • Accounting
  • Assessment and billing
  • Collections
  • Tax and Association Reporting
  • Vendor Management
  • Full Featured Community Website
  • Technology and Communications
  • CPA on staff
  • Community Association Manager on staff and on call at all times
  • The ability to address the needs of any association no matter the size, nothing is too big or too small
  • HOA guidelines packet with Welcome resources
  • e-payments that can be coordinated for any size association
  • Inspections performed only by fully licensed individuals whose license may be inspected at any time – we take community inspections very seriously and we want the community Board of Directors to know this
  • We will work with the Board of Directors in assessing a reasonable frequency of inspections
  • Management may perform additional inspections to better evaluate the community for the Board of Directors information or to evaluate a complaint
  • All state mandated requirements for training are provided with the option for additional classes and material for those so interested
  • In the case of staff illness, the staff at A New Plan are equipped to handle any situation that may arise and the Board of Directors will be notified of those alternative actions
  • Our expectation of the Board of Directors is to rest and relax from the weary exertions and difficulties of governing the community and only to provide a sense of direction for the community to grow. We want not only to make the Board comfortable but to help the Board of Directors make the community comfortable
  • Our contracts are one year in length and open to negotiation for more -or- can be contractually cancelled